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ImageGrafix is the leading value-added-distributors, developers, and service providers of a wide range of software and solutions addressing BIM/Construction management, CAD/CAM/CAE systems, and integrated Plant Design solutions and services. Its main focus is on Building construction & Infrastructure, oil, gas, petrochemical, power, fabrication, and manufacturing industries throughout India.

The requirements for qualified design engineering staff are always on the rise, and there is a big gap in the supply-demand chain. Hence need for formal training on Piping and Plant Design technology has been long felt by prospective and existing piping professionals and companies. ImageGrafix has been actively involved in training engineers related to Piping, Process Equipment, Plant Structure, and Fluid Flow for over a decade. ImageGrafix Technical Training & Services Division has been established within ImageGrafix, to cater to the training needs of plant design engineers and technicians to enable them to climb up the career ladder. One thing unique with ImageGrafix Training Division is that all offered training courses and programs are based on curriculum and standards set by our software developer partners and are offered by consultants and engineers who have many years of field and hands-on experience in their respective fields and bring along a wealth of knowledge with them.

Apart from regularly scheduled training, ImageGrafix also offers special tailor-made courses to working professionals and corporate companies to improve their knowledge, productivity and achieve growth.

ImageGrafix Academy

Our Training Programs are designed to help you acquire the practical skills you need to use the software solutions in a very short period of time. All our training courses provide equal emphasis on theory and practical sessions as well as help hone your skills to master the traits of real-life projects.

ImageGrafix Academy courses are offered by consultants and professional engineers who have many years of field and hands-on experience and are able to teach you the skills and techniques that they have learned and applied with proven results in many real-life engineering projects. You will benefit from decades of experience and expertise, delivered through the interactive training courses.

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