Trimble Tilos Streamlining Construction Project Management

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Discover the power of Trimble Tilos, an integrated linear scheduling software designed for efficient construction project management. Offering a simplified, visual approach, Tilos ensures you stay on top of your project’s status, seamlessly combining linear scheduling, project management, and planning methods. With advanced technology, Tilos merges time and distance into a single graphical view, providing unparalleled control over your construction projects.

Features Overview

1. Time Chainage & Scenario Optimization:

Tilos accommodates the complexities of civil construction by connecting schedules to project maps. Run simulations, compare scenarios, and make informed decisions. Visualize linear schedules with time-distance diagrams.


  • Creative decision planning tool for “what if” scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Gantt chart view integrating equipment, materials, costs, timelines, and budgets.
  • Reduction of risks and planning errors with time chainage visualizations.

2. Schedule Analysis & Visualization:

Easily monitor construction schedules and progress with advanced time-location planning. Combining time and distance empowers teams for effective collaboration. The schedule visualization provides a clear snapshot for quick understanding.


  • Cost control and planning through real-time monitoring.
  • Time-saving activity linking.
  • Gantt charts grouped by location and company, integrating various project aspects in one view.

3. Linear Planning & Production Monitoring:

Monitor progress closely by adding completion information to Tilos. Forecast and visualize the impact of remaining work using location-based progress analysis. Linear project management allows for efficient baseline and planned productivity comparisons.


  • Conflict detection through linear planning and project management.
  • Detailed overview of work progress and project completion percentage.
  • Location-based progress tracking in both time and distance.

4. Optimal Mass Handling:

Tilos is optimized for planning mass haulage and materials on construction projects. Coordinate material movement across large sites for ideal project execution. Enhance linear project management by precisely controlling material and asset locations.


  • Visual representation of soil cut and fill masses.
  • Efficient resource utilization, including optimal machine placement.
  • Monitoring and calculation of resources for comprehensive planning.