Are you tired of reactive maintenance practices that result in costly downtime and decreased efficiency? Are you looking for a proactive approach that can help you optimize your asset management strategies and increase asset utilization?

HxGN EAM’s comprehensive asset management solution enables you, the maintenance professional, to know the best way to fix the compromised asset and instills confidence in knowing it is the best economically beneficial remedy for your bottom line.

With our built-in performance monitoring and reactive, preventative, predictive and consumptive maintenance capabilities, you can monitor the condition of assets, detect potential problems, and prevent disruptions with maintenance alerts. Our APM-enabled asset management supports the full asset lifecycle, allowing for ongoing optimization of efficiencies for your businesses’ critical assets. This approach will allow you to realize the full potential of mission-critical equipment, increasing asset utilization, improving capital allocation, and enabling productivity, efficiency, quality, and sustainability-centered initiatives.