Transforming Construction Management Unleash the Power of ISETIA BIM

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Embark on a journey through the forefront of construction management innovation with ISETIA BIM, a game-changing approach reshaping the landscape of facility construction. Our BIM concept transcends conventional methods, introducing a virtual construction process that minimizes uncertainties, amplifies safety, and optimizes efficiency. Dive into a realm where sub-contractors from diverse trades seamlessly contribute vital information, enabling pre-fabrication, off-site assembly, waste reduction, and just-in-time material delivery. Elevate your building design, streamline information flow, integrate workflows, ensure precise cost estimation, refine lifecycle management, and immerse yourself in this transformative experience with the formidable ISETIA BIM Viewer.

Features Overview

Virtual Construction Planning:

  • Strategically pre-construct facilities to proactively address uncertainties and identify potential issues.
  • Enhance safety through impactful simulations for a smooth physical construction process.

Collaborative Information Input:

  • Foster collaboration as sub-contractors contribute critical data to the model before construction begins.
  • Unlock efficiency with opportunities for pre-fabrication and off-site assembly.

Waste Reduction and Just-In-Time Delivery:

  • Minimize on-site waste through meticulous pre-planning and just-in-time material delivery.
  • Embrace greener, more sustainable construction practices for a brighter future.

Open BIM Workflow:

  • Embrace open BIM workflow solutions with seamless support for IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).
  • Effortlessly upload and download IFC files, ensuring seamless collaboration across the board.

Collision Detection and Clash Prevention:

  • Identify discrepancies and clashes at the initial stage with precision using ISETIA BIM Viewer.
  • Proactively prevent errors by visually highlighting potential intersections in the building model.

Unlimited Model Checking:

  • Elevate project management performance through unlimited collision verification with precise metrics.
  • Extract quantities and shared material properties for in-depth analysis and decision-making.

Enhanced BIM Workflow:

  • Foster efficient issue management across diverse platforms accessible to the entire project team.
  • Track, edit, archive, and notify seamlessly, ensuring streamlined collaboration.

3D Visualizations and Reporting:

  • Engage stakeholders with immersive 3D visualizations and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Facilitate coordination and communication through detailed reporting.

Transparency and Color Coding:

  • Explore internal structures by seeing through objects and employ color coding for enhanced clarity.
  • Enhance realism in your models for a more vivid and comprehensive understanding.

Navigation and Model Views:

  • Seamlessly navigate 3D models with an intuitive toolbar, enabling easy operation.
  • Capture and share construction building views from various angles for comprehensive analysis.