EAM Mobile extends the functionality of EAM to handheld devices, laptop computers, and tablets by providing remote access to the HxGN EAM solution.

Using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, you can view, add, update, and delete information within HxGN EAM without having to work from a fixed terminal. EAM Mobile enables your maintenance personnel to remain in the field or on the floor while maintaining their access to the information and EAM functionality that they need to do their jobs on their mobile device. This technology provides them greater mobility and allows them to spend more time maintaining equipment, looking for problems, performing maintenance, and verifying performance rather than entering information into the system at a workstation.

EAM Mobile is available on Android and iOS devices. See the summary below highlighting a few of the functionalities available with HxGN EAM Mobile apps.

HxGN EAM Mobile Offline—Enable workers to harness EAM’s functionality on a powerful mobile platform. Access, capture, and manage information directly from the job site or service location. This results in higher productivity and more effective decision-making. EAM Mobile Offline is licensed by device to support shared devices within a facility or crew. EAM Mobile Offline functions with or without network connectivity. This enables workers to roam between connected and disconnected environments or areas of operation without having to worry about losing application performance. Data already on the mobile device will remain available for access and updating with automatic synchronization when connectivity has been established.

  • Includes:Work orders, work requests, meter readings, equipment, checklists, physical inventory, reports, case management, asset hierarchy, equipment inspections

HxGN EAM Advanced Mobile—Take advantage of EAM’s most powerful, mobile-based EAM product. Extending user capabilities to more EAM modules and functionality, EAM Advanced Mobile provides enhanced capabilities for supervisors and field users. With EAM Advanced Mobile, organizations can now digitize operations, provide offline capabilities when connection is unavailable, and improve the efficiency of the field personnel.

  • Includes:Capability, work orders, work requests, permit to work, equipment, physical inventory, notebook, operator checklist, parts, purchase order receipts, asset inventory, requisitions

HxGN EAM Mobile Requestor—Allow users to create work requests, parts requisitions, and reservation requests, as well as provide access to the Contractor Portal. The Mobile Requestor is ideal for users that have a need to periodically create requests, or for contractors to see work that’s been assigned to them. Users can now access the Mobile Requestor functionalities from HxGN EAM’s Digital Work platform.

  • Includes:Work requests, parts requisitions, reservation requests, operator checklist, Contractor Portal

Rapid request—Use a quick and simple method to submit call center requests to EAM from mobile devices. Upload pictures and specify locations with requests to identify work to be done. Eliminate the need for users to log in for one-off requests.

  • Examples:Equipment repair, facility maintenance requests